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With over 35 years of exceptional experience and trusted for decades as one of Sri Lanka’s premier car rental companies, we at Ameri Rent a Car pride ourselves on providing dedicated and personalized solutions to fulfill all your transport requirements.

As a member of the Rent A Car Association of Sri Lanka (RACA), our team has years of valuable experience under their belt, managing a vast spectrum of customer expectations. We guarantee a car rental service that this reliable, cost-effective, superior, hassle-free and one that does not compromise on comfort or safety.

With our large fleet of vehicles, we are able to serve a wide range of customer requests, from short-term rentals to long-term leasing and specialty contracts. We offer a variety of cars, minivans and large passenger vans to suit any need or occasion.

Our long-standing reputation as a leading rent a car company in Sri Lanka and our loyal clientele stands as a testament to the quality of our service and our ongoing success.

Choose Ameri Rent a car for an unparalleled car rental experience in Sri Lanka that will exceed your expectations.

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