Terms and conditions

  • Rental + Deposit + and if any other charges related to the vehicle rental to be paid in advance. Delayed payments will be charged on daily rental basis.
  • Payments – Refundable deposit can be made by Credit card (Pre Authorisation)
  • Please note Debit cards cannot be used for Pre Auth
  • Please inform us early if you wish to use this service and if you are collecting vehicle from Airport
  • Cost of fuel, oil and repairs up to Rs.3500/- should be borne by the hirer.
  • Oil, water, spare wheel, jack and air pressure etc to be checked daily and maintained in good condition.
  • In case of major break-down substitute vehicle will be provided but not in the case of an accident.
  • In an event of any accident, hirer is liable for excess, for Cars Rs.25,000/- for SUV Rs.50,000/- and cost of towing to Ameri Rent A Car Sri Lanka Source Alliance.
  • Hirer is prohibited from using the vehicle in breach of laws such as excessive speed, under influence of liquor, campaign and any other illegal purpose and in areas of civil disturbance, mortgage, sales, alternation and any transaction related to the vehicle.
  • Vehicle cannot be re-rented or driven by any other 3rd party other than the person who had signed the agreement. In case of 2nd driver additional payment will be charged.
  • No refund of rental in part if vehicle is returned before the expiry date.
  • Minimum 100 kilometres per day. Extra Kilometres chargeable as per to agreement.
  • In the case of accident, hirer should inform Ameri Rent A Car Sri Lanka Source Alliance and nearest police station and obtain a copy of full statement before returning the vehicle to Ameri Rent A Car Sri Lanka Source Alliance. Until such time the rental will be charged.
  • Delivery and pickup within city limits Rs. 1000/- per service.
  • Hirer is responsible for the total cost of damages and rental, if insurance claim is rejected on account on invalid documents such as incorrect details of accident, under intoxication etc.
  • Hirer has to check the vehicle before accepting and inform of any damages etc.
  • Vehicle should be returned safely to Ameri Rent A Car Sri Lanka Source Alliance by 5.30pm, after which time rental will be charged on daily basis till the car is safely returned and agreement and to be discharged
  • Hirer agrees to pay rental +cost + damages + legal charges and fines if any until the vehicle is safely returned to Ameri Rent A Car Sri Lanka Source Alliance
  • Ameri Rent A Car Sri Lanka Source Alliance is not liable to pay any cost or compensation to the hirer.
  • The contract will be terminated without notice if no payment made in advance or any violation.
  • Hirer cannot abandoned or unattended the vehicle at any location. Hirer is well aware of Sri Lanka security systems. If any damages caused, hirer is liable for cost damages.
  • Hirer is responsible for cost of tire damages, running without oil / water/ fuel or wrong fuel.
  • Extension of period will be granted only upon receipt of payment, subject to the above terms conditioned agreed.
  • Hirer is liable to pay any damages and losses to interior / exterior accessories and DVD, stereo, Mp3, remote keys and radio etc.
  • Above lease rentals are subject to change as per to government tax notification.

* Please Note, Vehicle has full comprehensive Insurance cover, with Deductible / Excess of Rs 25, 000/- for cars, Scooters & Motorbikes, Rs 50,000/- for small SUV’s & Vans, Rs 100,000 for big SUV, which we collect as Refundable deposit , any damage to vehicle will result in part or full deposit being reduced from customers refundable deposit, depending on the damage, please inform insurance company immediately if any accident occurs.There is no personal accident cover for driver or passengers therefore customers advised to get their own personal travel insurance cover for any injuries and hospitalization from there country.

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